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Elegant, timeless kitchens that reflect who you are. Complete remodeling services from design conception to project completion.

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At DeWitt Designer Kitchens we offer complete remodeling services from design conception to project completion. We work in conjunction with contractors and industry specialists to ensure your project will be completed within the budget and in a timely manner. By constantly being in contact with our allied professionals, we provide a smooth remodeling process with a beautiful outcome.

Gestalt Design

Our homes—our solace and comfort, shelter form a discordant world. Our homes - reflections of who we are, where we have been, where we are going. They are both our physical and our mental space. Their design should reflect and amplify who we are. We shape them. They, in turn, shape us.

Today, more wakeful time is spent in the kitchen than any other room. What if the design of your kitchen transcended the combination of materials and became the expression of your mental space, your personality and lifestyle? What if we created a "Gestalt" kitchen—a design form with properties that cannot be derived by the summation of its component parts?

Nature is creative. No two snowflakes are alike. Why should two kitchens be alike? Gestalt Design is unique because it deduces solutions from the personality, the taste and the needs of the client; and from the shape and the character of the space.

Gestalt Design is like a melody—it is more than the notes that make it. It transcends it's component parts to become something original and fresh. Let DeWitt Designer Kitchens use the power of Gestalt to enrich and elevate your life.

Our motto is: Stop. Look. Listen. Make it new. Let us envision and build your kitchen together.